A Poem On Writing

A blank page flickers in my mind

Like an endless field of nothingness

Calmly awaiting the scratch of my pen

That will drown it into pools of ink


So I plunge myself into the storyworld

A feral queen sitting on a throne

A neglected mansion feared by all

A ferocious wolf wreaking havoc


The page eats my tales up eagerly

Until it is no longer blank and empty

But blazing with the lives I gave it

And reveling in the wildfire I created





New poem! If I try to send it somewhere for publishing, I may take it down. Feedback is appreciated! Thanks for reading.




2 thoughts on “A Poem On Writing

  1. Wow that was very impressive and a great product about writers block, despite writers block! It flowed very nicely and was a unique perspective on something all writers hear about often. I can pretty much feel the desperation of your creativity trying to find an outlet. Congrats on finding a very beautiful one


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