Review: Northanger Abbey 

Novel by Jane Austen


Short: A young woman obsessed with Gothic novels goes on a socializing holiday with her rich neighbors, befriends two families and almost allows her naivety to ruin her life.

(I’m very proud of that mini summary)

Long: Catherine Morland is a refreshingly relatable and unglorified heroine. She’s a teenage girl who loves to read novels but cannot seem to read people. She is invited by the Allen family to go to Bath (an English town) to partake in winter balls and they’re. She meets Henry Tilney, a potential love interest. She also meets the Thorpes and befriends Isabella Thorpe in particular. It turns out that Catherine’s brother, James and Isabella’s brother, John, are friends. Isabella is in love with James and tries to set up John with Catherine. But John is a rude and boastful man who Catherine dislikes, so she continues to focus on Henry. The Tilneys invite Catherine to their estate, Northanger Abbey. Due to Catherine’s morbid obsession with gothic novels, she is intrigued by the mysterious rooms that no one is allowed to enter.

A series of comical and dramatic events unfold, almost all of which highlight Austen’s desire to satirize society and the gothic fiction genre. The book is entertaining, the dialogue is witty, and readers will be satisfied with how much Catherine Morland grows and matures as a person.

Many Jane Austen novels are ignored and this is definitely one that needs to be read and talked about more! Its not always about Pride and Prejudice 🙂 


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