The Wolf Inside (Prose)

I wrote this piece a year ago for a school writing assignment. It was loosely based off of a dream I had and I really want to expand it further. As of now, it seems too wordy and I know it’s a bit unclear where I’m going with it, so I wanted some feedback!

Give it a read and let me know in the comments what kind of vibe you’re getting from it:

The sun was beginning to set, letting in the last gasps of light through the large windows. I was in the main hall of the school, surrounded by fellow students.  Sitting in inhibited silence, I wrote aimlessly, pen scratching on paper that was as dry as my spirit. I plowed through my work, trying to quell the persistent discomfort that had lodged itself in my brain. Each day was passing monotonously  and I was drowning in the current with no way to escape. I let out a sigh and dropped my head on the desk. 

Suddenly, the glass chandeliers hanging from the ceiling began to shake, clinking against one another. They made a screeching sound that pierced my ears and I lifted up my head in confusion. Soon, the whole room trembled violently, causing quill stands smash on to the ground. The pristine floor was soon engulfed in a sea of black ink.  I exchanged frightened glances with the others, who clutched onto their friends in mild panic.

The doors of the hall  burst open and a mass of black shot through the room. After my eyes adjusted, I saw that it was a massive wolf, a beast unlike anything else I’d seen before. He was both majestic and menacing, beautiful and terrifying. His aura radiated with blazing power, the kind of presence that made everything else in the room seem insignificant. The wolf began to growl. It was a guttural growl, sounding like it had come from the earth itself. His eyes darted around the hall restlessly, as if he were looking for someone. I could hear the scattering of footsteps as people moved away from the creature, but I didn’t move. Noticing my stillness, wolf’s gaze met mine and it threw it’s head back, howling. Goosebumps raised on my arms, but I continued to hold my ground, ignoring the gasps of everyone around me. The wolf was suddenly tearing through the room at full speed, heading straight towards me. 

Even as I faced a possible impending death, I was intensely aware of the fact that I was alive in this moment. My heartbeat pounded in my ears like drums as my breath heaved my chest up and down. The wolf was now stood at a mere foot away, it’s head leveled with mine.   An overwhelming smell of musk filled my nostrils as the wolf gazed at me, it’s breath hot on my face. The beast was so close to me that I could see my reflection in its eyes.

By that moment, people had begun to scream in panic, running around the room. I suddenly fell out of my trance and began to panic as well, backing away from the beast. My classmates managed to grab onto the wolf,  looping heavy silver chains around it’s neck to hold it down. The wolf was calm, however, still watching me with those ancient orbs. Then, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, it began to disintegrate, eventually fading away into nothingness.




5 thoughts on “The Wolf Inside (Prose)

    1. I disagree. I love all the little details and little glimpses that make the wolf seem so fierce yet wise. Awesome short story Grusha, btw!!


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