New Prose

Senseless violence ensues with each passing day and the wind howls in pain. The world remains to be a terribly unfair place, especially to the most innocent. Those in power continue to exploit the weak. Those with the ability to do great harm do not hesitate to do so. Those who are in pain inflict the same agony on their fellow beings. Oh, but the sun still rises and sets! The rain still pours, the breeze still blows, and the birds still sing. The dance of nature and magic continue. We must go on. In hope of a bright light, a better era…

I wrote this a while ago, originally intended for a scene in my story and I never ended up using it (I still might).  But I decided it would be appropriate to post on here, especially with all the tragedies that have occurred all over the world recently.



3 thoughts on “New Prose

  1. What a beautiful outlook! It is so easy to feel weak and sad but you just have to be ok with it and live for the small and happy things.


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