Every Moment Can Be A New Season

When the wings of sadness flutter by

When a teardrop streams across the cheek

When fear keeps the soul alive

During these moments, a question arises:

Why do we continue to dwell in such misery?

For every moment can be a new season

With no mistakes in it and nothing to mourn

Because once the spirit embraces what is

Instead of weeping over what could be

A limitless universe opens up to our service

And all of life rejoices in our awakening 

-Grusha Singh


3 thoughts on “Every Moment Can Be A New Season

  1. I like the meaning/message, but I think that instead of saying the point straight out in the middle, you should describe the change of “the moment into a new season” I guess in like sensory detail, to make it deeper and longer, and then sorta state the point at the end. I like it though! you should post more poems. :):):)


  2. Grusha, I just saw your poem and liked it. I greatly appreciate the sentiment it expresses, and agree with it. – Balwant uncle


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