Dreams are something that we cannot control.  They are a window to our subconscious and  can tell us a lot about ourselves. Often times, they make no sense at all.

Whenever you have a particularly strange or meaningful dream, you should write it down immediately. I think they can make great material for story writing, or can strike some inspiration for other forms of art as well.

I’ve only had a few vivid dreams. I’ve decided to share one that I used as inspiration for a character in my novel. I had this dream about a year ago and I wrote it down immediately the next morning.

The dream took place in a dark hall, in a castle. It was kind of like a boarding school, since I was surrounded by teenagers wearing uniforms. Suddenly, everyone started screaming and a huge black wolf came ripping through the room, straight towards me. It was massive, with blazing eyes. Just as it was about to attack, a girl with pale blonde hair jumped in front of me and stopped it from attacking. I don’t remember what happened to the wolf, but I remember following the girl down the hall. The dream ended with me seeing the girl in the bathroom, sucking the blood out of her wounds….

Weird right? But the wolf in the dream is now being used in my writing. I don’t know about the girl, however. Perhaps I will write a short story about her.


2 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. I completely agree that people should write down their dreams. I honestly wish I wrote down some of my dreams more often. If writing it down does not help you understand how you really feel about situations that are going on when you are awake and what you really wish could happen, then some dreams can turn out to make a great story!


    1. I completely agree. And it’s not too late to start writing your dreams down! Like you said, it can really help you understand things or can make great story material.
      Thanks for reading, Maya. 🙂


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